Murder at Ekkert's Gorge


Wade Hilgo, the son of Velt Hilgo from Hilgo and Sons Market has gone missing. The heroes track his disappearance to a local gang run by a highwayman called Deagan. They break in to Deagan’s hideout, defeat him and his minions, but find that Wade has already been killed.

Further they discover another prisoner, Joshen Mark and find disturbing notes that suggest Deagan has been selling prisoners to an evil cult as food for “The Beast”

Scourge of Ekkert's Gorge


Available in module form (for 3.5)

A Necromancer sets up operations near Ekkert’s Gorge and mutilates livestock to create his undead minions. The heroes are sent to investigate.

They find an ancient fortress inhabited by a foul necromancer and his bestial skeleton minions.


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